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SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform: What is SAP BTP?

SAP BTP Capabilities

As the market evolves, companies face increasing demands to differentiate themselves. Traditional processes and off-the-shelf software can no longer meet the unique needs and workflows of businesses that need to adapt quickly to change.Seamless integration of new applications into existing IT systems is essential for minimizing disruption and creating value quickly.

SAP implementation provides a transformative solution for businesses, enabling them to operate more efficiently and achieve their strategic goals. We are committed to delivering on our vision for the Intelligent Enterprise, where businesses use technology to get insights into their operations and improve performance, customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and sustainability.

SAP RISE and BTP empower companies to break free from traditional limitations. Through RISE with SAP transformation roadmap and BTP’s open, cloud-based platform, businesses can adapt and innovate at their own pace, crafting their own unique journey to becoming intelligent enterprises.

What is SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform)?

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a unified platform that offers a comprehensive suite of services and products to help businesses make better decisions. BTP SAP combines data analytics, AI, application development, automation, and integration into a single, accessible platform. It is an open-access, cloud-based digital transformation platform that helps businesses extend their core SAP solutions, integrate specialized applications, and extract more value from their data and business processes.

SAP BTP platform is compatible with both cloud and hybrid system architectures, and it helps businesses achieve agility, derive business value, and foster continuous innovation by simplifying the integration and extension of SAP and third-party applications and data assets. It also helps businesses capitalize on their data resources. BTP in SAP handles technical complexities, allowing companies to focus on problem-solving and enhancing their core processes and investments. Moreover, it delivers insights from enterprise and external data and simplifies access to partner solutions.

SAP BTP Cloud Capabilities

SAP BTP Foundation Capabilities

SAP BTP is a platform that helps businesses connect their applications and data, analyze their data, build and automate applications, and use AI to improve their operations. SAP BTP services are integrated into many SAP cloud solutions, making it easy for businesses to get started.

1. Database & Data Management

Unlock the full power of SAP BTP’s data and analytics with SAP HANA Consulting Services. Our experts guide you through harnessing the real-time capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud, seamlessly integrated within the BTP platform. This empowers you to efficiently store, access, connect, and analyze diverse data sources, both SAP and non-SAP, gaining valuable insights to drive business growth.

Efficient data management is essential for modern businesses, as it enables informed decision-making and risk mitigation. SAP business technology platform data management solutions help businesses automate their data management processes and improve the quality, accuracy, and accessibility of their data. SAP BTP platform data management solutions help businesses optimize their data storage and processing, reducing their overall data costs. SAP BTP services provide database management solutions to help businesses comply with data privacy and security regulations.

2. Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud, a component of SAP BTP, offers planning and forecasting capabilities for swift decision-making and transactional consistency. Analytics is important for businesses because it helps them uncover, understand, and communicate meaningful data patterns from a variety of domains, such as finance, procurement, HR, demand, supply chain, and sales. By using advanced analytics solutions, businesses can accurately predict future trends and develop more tailored business strategies. BTP in SAP provides access to powerful technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, all pre-configured for rapid implementation in analytical functions.

Accelerate your data journey with pre-built SAP BTP services. Ditch the complexities of custom development and deploy these out-of-the-box solutions in no time. Collect and analyze diverse data streams, both internal and external, with ease. Gain crystal-clear insights through comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards. Fuel data-driven decisions across your organization, unlocking a new era of informed action.

3. Application Development & Integration

SAP BTP platform integration and application development capabilities make it easy for businesses to connect their systems and streamline their business processes. With SAP BTP Integration Suite and SAP BTP Extension Suite, businesses can quickly create and extend applications across the entire value chain. SAP BTP offers a variety of pre-built applications and templates that businesses can use to get started quickly.

  • Integration Suite

SAP BTP platform integration suite offers pre-built integration libraries and APIs that make it easy for businesses to connect their SAP systems with other SAP systems and third-party systems such as Salesforce and Oracle. This means that businesses can save time and money on developing and maintaining custom integrations. Additionally, BTP SAP integration suite provides a variety of features that help businesses to improve the quality, security, and scalability of their integrations.

  • Extensive Suite

An extension is nothing but a standalone web application. That can blend with any SAP Product to enhance its functionality and serve an end-to-end business process requirement. BTP offers out-of-the-box tools and services to develop and integrate custom-built applications with other SAP products and also with other third-party applications.

4. Intelligent Technologies

SAP business technology platform also offers technologies that can help businesses become more intelligent. These technologies include IoT, Edge Services, RPA, Conversational AI, and AI Business Services.

For example, businesses can use SAP BTP to connect devices to the cloud and collect data from them, process data at the edge of the network, automate repetitive tasks, build conversational AI applications, and develop and deploy AI models. By using SAP BTP’s intelligent technologies, businesses can improve their efficiency, agility, and innovation.

Benefits of SAP BTP

SAP business technology platform offers businesses a unique value proposition by providing a unified, business-centric, and open platform.
  • Unified Platform

SAP BTP brings together a wide range of capabilities for data management, analytics, application development, integration, and intelligent technologies into a single platform. This makes it easy for businesses to connect their systems and data, and to build and extend applications quickly and easily.

  • Business Centric

SAP BTP platform is designed to help businesses achieve their business goals. It offers a variety of pre-built applications and templates that businesses can use to get started quickly. Additionally, BTP SAP provides businesses with the tools and services they need to develop their own custom applications.

  • Open Source

SAP BTP is a flexible platform that businesses can use to deploy and run their applications wherever they want. It is also compatible with a variety of development tools and technologies, giving businesses the freedom to choose the best tools for their needs.

  • Wide Range

SAP BTP is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows businesses to build and extend their applications using tools and extensions from SAP and third-party providers. It offers a wide range of products and services that can help businesses optimize their business processes.

Empower Your Business with A5E & SAP BTP: Start Your Journey Today

Being a long-standing SAP partner with more years of experience in the digital world & expertise of knowledge for BTP in SAP, we develop cloud-based and hybrid system architectures for our clients by working with industry leaders like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. As your global trusted partner, we advise you on which SAP BTP products offer you the greatest added value to achieve the best individual business goals for the SAP BTP project. We integrate the services of the SAP BTP into your company, thereby enabling individual enhancements, innovative process optimizations, and important insights into data and KPIs.

Are you interested in learning more about this, or discussing a potential partnership for your SAP BTP project? Contact us for more information.

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