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Finance and Accounting

Empowering enterprises to accelerate their growth with bespoke finance & accounting solutions

At A5E Consulting, our Finance and Accounting team possesses distinctive expertise in industry resources and technologies. We create intelligent workflows that align with the modernization needs of your financial organization, enabling the discovery, connection, and analysis of data for deeper insights. These insights drive informed decision-making within your finance and accounting organization.

Our Solutions

Fixed Assets

We specialize in the precise calculation and posting of depreciation, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance with accounting standards. Whether it's straight-line, declining balance, or any other depreciation method, we've got you covered. We're here to guide you through the capital budgeting process. Our team collaborates with yours to make informed decisions about capital investments, helping you allocate resources wisely and maximize returns.

General Accounting

Our General Accounting service is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your financial operations. We excel in handling complicated tasks such as bank reconciliations, ensuring your financial records are always up to date and accurate. Our team excels in managing consolidation, allowing you to gain a holistic view of your financial health across various entities. We also offer Intercompany Accounting, simplifying complex transactions between affiliated companies; and Cost Accounting services to help you gain insights into your cost structure and profitability analysis.

Credit Control

We specialize in handling bad debts reports, ensuring you have a clear understanding of potential risks. Our expertise extends to customer account reconciliation, ensuring your records are accurate and up to date. We provide comprehensive aging reports with comments, empowering you to make informed decisions about outstanding accounts. We take charge of payment chasing and query resolution, streamlining the payment process and addressing customer concerns promptly. We also collaborate with the legal compliance department to ensure that all credit-related activities adhere to regulatory requirements.


Our comprehensive services include everything from calculating employees' pay, including TDS, PF, and ESIC deductions, to accommodating various circumstances such as maternity or sick leave. You can rely on us for end-to-end payroll accounting services, covering every aspect from payroll calculation to final payment. Our services also extend to include handling reimbursements and managing employee leaves.

Accounts Payable

We offer effective accounts payable management for optimizing working capital and boosting profit margins, cost savings, and nurturing robust vendor relationships. We employ a holistic approach to workflow management and automation, accompanied by advanced reporting tools that empower businesses to gain mastery over their financial operations. With us, you can achieve financial efficiency that drives sustainable growth.

Financial Reporting

Our experience working with diverse clients has given us valuable insights into the specific requirements of regulatory bodies and your in-house Chartered Accountants (CAS). You can count on us for your financial reporting solutions that meet the exacting standards of regulatory compliance and provide valuable insights for your organization.

Accounts Receivable

We provide top-notch accounts receivables services delivered by professionals who are experts in handling financial software. With us, your accounts receivables are guaranteed to be consistently accurate and punctual. We ensure increased recoveries, improved cash flow, reduced bad debt write-offs and A/R adjustments, and minimized shortfalls in cash collections.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Our role is to examine a company's financial standing to evaluate the company’s stability and financial health. This process empowers decision-makers to make informed investment choices. Outsourcing financial planning and analysis prevents in-house staff from being overwhelmed by tasks beyond their expertise.

Why Choose A5E Consulting for Finance and Accounting Services?

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

We provide a wide range of Finance and Accounting services that cover all aspects of financial management, including General Accounting, Fixed Assets, Credit Control, and Accounts Receivables, allowing us to meet all of your financial needs in one convenient platform. By eliminating the need to work with multiple service providers, we simplify your financial operations. This allows you to concentrate on your core business activities while we take care of the complexities of your financial management.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize cutting-edge technology and innovative tools to offer you the most current financial solutions available. We are dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends, which means that you will benefit from the latest financial systems and software. This technological advantage enables your organization to make decisions based on data, improve financial transparency, and achieve greater efficiency in your financial operations.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

We recognize the individuality of each business and approach your financial challenges with a tailored strategy. We collaborate closely with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique financial needs and goals. By adopting a collaborative approach, we are able to create and execute solutions that not only meet your current financial needs but also position your organization for long-term success. 

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