We leverage our capabilities in Analytics, Data Sciences and AI/ML combined with Enterprise solutions, Product Engineering and Value Engineering to transform our clients into intelligent enterprises.

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Managed services

Your Gateway To Business Optimization

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations worldwide are grappling with the need to scale their operations while juggling numerous challenges. A5E  Consulting offers a wide range of services designed for organizations looking to outsource portions or complete segments of their IT operations to a certified cloud service provider. We are at the forefront of transforming network and IT operations, enhancing optimization, and empowering communications service providers (CSPs) and businesses to deliver cutting-edge connectivity and services to their clientele. We use our core strengths which include technology, risk management, accounting, and taxation, complemented by consistent delivery platforms, to offer our distinctive Managed Services

Our Solutions

Finance & Accounting

We specialize in Finance and Accounting (F&A) services, including Procure to Pay, Record to Report, Order to Cash, Tax, and FP&A. Our specialized solutions align with your unique financial needs, driving operational excellence and success. We prioritize your financial health, offering strategic guidance and analysis. Collaborating closely, we understand your objectives and customize solutions to fit.

HR Outsourcing

Our aim is to empower businesses through HR Outsourcing, ensuring seamless alignment between workforce objectives and broader business strategies. We enhance HR efficiency and cost control while offering dependable and timely HR services. For organizations seeking data-driven decisions, we enable data-driven HR solutions. With expertise in navigating ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscapes, our team ensures compliance. Count on us for HR efficiency and compliance, helping your organization adapt to evolving workforce demands


We bring innovative Procure-to-Pay solutions to the forefront for businesses seeking innovation, strategic sourcing, and business process transformation. We are  the top  choice for businesses in pursuit of a top-notch procurement organization driven by optimized speed, decisions, and outcomes.  Our approach seamlessly combines procurement teams with accounts payable, simplifying the entire spectrum of purchasing, approvals, payments, compliance, and supplier management.

Why Choose A5E Consulting for Managed Services ?

Expertise Across Technologies

To maximize the value of your database investments, we offer unbiased, in-depth operational knowledge across the leading databases in the industry. We’re technology-agnostic, ensuring that you receive the most from your database ecosystem.

Innovation and Scalability

We are dedicated to harnessing cutting-edge technology and tools to drive innovation within your organization. Our managed services are not only about immediate problem-solving but also about proactive solutions that evolve with your business.

Accessible Online Database Applications

We guarantee the uninterrupted availability of your mission-critical business processes. Our round-the-clock support ensures swift problem resolution, minimizing downtime. We also offer reliable, closely monitored database backup and recovery services to safeguard your data in emergencies.

Optimize Your Operations and Transform Your Business.
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