We leverage our capabilities in Analytics, Data Sciences and AI/ML combined with Enterprise solutions, Product Engineering and Value Engineering to transform our clients into intelligent enterprises.

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Procure To Pay

Drive Financial Transformation With Our Procure-To-Pay Excellence

Industry Challenges, Solutions & Benefits

Business Challenges

  • Lack of transparency and compliance
  • Non-standardized processes across regions/functions
  • Sub-optimal system usage/adoption
  • Spend optimization


  • Shared services for efficiency and visibility
  • Technology transformation / Improvements for operational efficiencies
  • Integration of procurement solution to S/4 HANA
  • Effective operational governance,  KPIs / SLAs for each sub process/functions

Business Benefits

  • Spend (cost) reduction,  achieve cost efficiencies
  • Reduction in procurement cycle
  • Increased transparency,  visibility and compliance
  • Improved enterprise-wide collaboration
  • Better governance with proactive risk and quality management 

Our Services

Procurement Digitization/ Tech Improvements

  • Source to pay solution design,  configuration, integration,  testing,  deployment & training
  • Legacy data management
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • System upgrades

Shared Services

  • Procurement strategy development
  • Supplier management
  • Master data management RFx management,  PR/PO processing,  invoice processing,  AP processing
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Build automation and workflow optimization

Spend Insights & Analytics

  • Spend categorization
  • Analytics on spend,  efficiency,  inventory, and supplier performance
  • Performance measures,  KPIs, and SLAs
  • Supplier,  SKU,  consumption rationalization
  • Process and data governance,  operational governance 

P2P - Tech And Process Transformation Approach

P2P - Tech and Process Transformation Approach

Start Your Procurement Digitization Journey

Transforming the procurement landscape, A5E consulting offers a comprehensive solution to revolutionize the Procure To Pay process. Our approach seamlessly combines procurement teams with accounts payable, simplifying the entire spectrum of purchasing, approvals, payments, compliance, and supplier management. Leveraging our shared services and tech services, we can drive significant spend optimization, reduction in the procurement cycle, better transparency, visibility and compliance, and generate better spending insights

Supplier Portal

Notifying suppliers about upcoming opportunities, reminders to submit spend reports, and other notices is easily undertaken through the portal dashboard. Ensure end to end visibility to suppliers Missing documents, contracts, RFP, PO, Receipt , Invoice and payments

Contract Compliance

Track you contract consumption in real time.
Ensure user buys from the negotiated contracts.
Get alerts and notifications before expiry of the contract.

Sourcing Automations

Flip PR into a sourcing events with click of a button.
Sourcing award decisions are directly flipped into PO Automatic PO creation

AP Automation

AP automation, or accounts payable automation, is the process by which accounts payable processes are handled digitally using technology, rather than manually.

Why Choose A5E Consulting For Procure To Pay Services?

Extensive P2P Proficiency

We have deep expertise in Procure to Pay (P2P) processes. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in procurement, supply chain management, and financial transactions. This means that you can rely on us to help you optimize your P2P operations.

Customized Solutions

Each organization has its  distinct procurement requirements. We work closely with you to understand your needs and customize solutions that align perfectly with your objectives. With us, you can trust that your P2P processes will be tailored to address your specific objectives

Innovative Technology Integration

We use advanced procurement and financial technology to improve your Procure-to-Pay (P2P) experience. We guarantee you’ll have access to the latest tools and platforms to streamline your P2P processes. With us, your organization can automate tasks, gain real-time insights, and boost efficiency.

End-To-End Support

Your success extends beyond the implementation phase with us. We provide extensive support and guidance throughout your P2P journey and ensure that the operations run smoothly and efficiently, whether it involves troubleshooting, process optimization, or compliance.

Collaborative Partnership

In addition to delivering solutions, we actively cultivate robust partnerships. We prioritize open and transparent communication with our clients, creating a collaborative atmosphere. We prioritize your feedback, concerns, and goals in our P2P solutions. Our aim is to collaborate with you to achieve procurement excellence.

Unlock The Potential To Empower Your Organization To Achieve Operational Efficiency & Spend Management

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