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Procure To Pay

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Transforming the procurement landscape, A5E consulting offers a comprehensive solution to revolutionize the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process. Our approach seamlessly combines procurement teams with accounts payable, simplifying the entire spectrum of purchasing, approvals, payments, compliance, and supplier management. Through our P2P solution, we empower your organization to achieve effortless procurement, maintain compliance, and optimize payment processes. The integration of our procurement solution can drive significant improvements in spend management, approval workflows, contract centralization, supplier relationship management, and overall purchasing efficiency.

Post Order collaboration

Post-order collaboration enables organizations to collaborate with their suppliers for order acknowledgments and advance shipping notifications, promoting efficient communication and ensuring seamless order fulfillment.

AP Automation

For organizations, AP automation, or accounts payable automation, revolutionizes the handling of financial transactions and invoices by digitizing processes, eliminating manual tasks. This results in increased operational efficiency and improved accuracy in financial management.

Contract Compliance

Organizations benefit from secure contract storage, ensuring easy access, reducing missed milestones, and spotting nonstandard agreements. Streamlined contract creation through preapproved templates, real-time monitoring for timely reminders and format updates, enhances control, efficiency, and maintains a robust audit trail, ensuring top-notch contract compliance for our organization.

Supplier Portal

A5E Consulting's expertise will empower organizations to streamline supplier communication and notify them about upcoming opportunities, reminders for spending reports, and other important notices via the dashboard. Additionally, it ensures end-to-end visibility for suppliers, allowing them to track missing documents, contracts, RFPs, POs, receipts, invoices, and payments, ultimately enhancing procurement efficiency.

Sourcing Automations

Sourcing automation offers significant benefits to organizations. It simplifies the process by effortlessly transforming purchase requests into sourcing events with a single click. Award decisions are directly converted into purchase orders, and automatic purchase order creation saves time and streamlines procurement operations. This efficiency boost ultimately enhances the overall productivity and effectiveness of the organization's procurement workflow.

Automatic Supplier performance evaluation survey

Implementing an Automatic Supplier Performance Evaluation Survey ensures that suppliers are regularly and systematically assessed in an automated fashion. This process triggers supplier performance evaluations automatically, aligning with predefined milestones and criteria. This proactive approach enhances supplier relationship management by providing valuable insights into their performance and fostering continuous improvement.

Digitize your Procure to Pay process with A5E Consulting and unlock the potential for efficiency, cost savings, and strategic growth. 

Selecting the Right Approach for your Organization

Choose the approach that best suits your organization’s needs:

Third party sourcing (BPS)

  • Wholly owned and operated by SSC vendor (A5E)
  • Dedicated Staff, equipment, and facilities
  • Long-term contract
  • Best practice processes

Build-operate-transfer (Bot)

  • On set-up wholly owned and operated by SSC vendor (A5E).
  • Stabilized and operated by A5E for a minimum fixed period.
  • SSC transferred after a minimum fixed period.

Global Capability Centre (GCC)

  • Wholly owned and operated by client
  • Clients’ proprietary processes and equipment
  • Employees on the rolls of client
  • SSC experts (A5E) spearhead in setting-up SSC for the client

A5E Engagement

Our engagement models are tailored to your specific needs:

Long-Term Engagement
A5E specializes in establishing and sustaining long-term business processes offshore or nearshore. This commitment ensures ongoing operational continuity and sustained efficiency for your organization.
Specified Period Engagement
A5E offers tailored engagement options, allowing you to select a specific period for managing your business processes. This flexibility empowers you to transition as needed when the time is right for your organization.
GCC Setup
When it comes to setting up a Global Capability Center (GCC), A5E is your reliable partner. We provide comprehensive support, guiding you through location selection, the hiring process, and seamless transition management.

P2P - Tech and Process Transformation Approach

P2P - Tech and Process Transformation Approach


At A5E Consulting, we employ a comprehensive and strategic methodology to optimize your Procure to Pay (P2P) process. Our approach ensures efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable results at every stage of the procurement cycle.
Profile the Category
  • Study current suppliers, contracts, specs., market forces, commodity trends
  • Understand customer expectation
Finalize Strategy
  • Go-to market approach – Global sourcing, consolidation, spec. rationalize, long term contract, rapid price negotiation etc.
Supplier Outreach
  • Finalize supplier selection criteria
  • Study supplier availability
  • Create RFx template with criteria, parameters, weightages etc.
  • Review current contract clauses and amend if reqd. in RFx
Profile the Category
  • Launch RFP
  • Supplier follow-ups to close RFP
  • Re-evaluate need for RFP 2.0, if reqd.
  • Conduct competitive bidding
Award Strategy
  • Re-confirm negotiated process from RFP & Auction
  • Finalize share of business
  • Transition plan to new suppliers
Monitor and Track
  • Track performance metrics
  • Incorporate learning into future sourcing events