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EWM Project

Warehouse Automation For A Spice Giant

Embark on a journey of strategic transformation as we detail our leap towards unparalleled efficiency, transparency, and market leadership through the implementation of SAP S/4HANA for warehouse automation.


  • The Client is largest seasoning and flavours solution provider in India.
  • Supplier for major food companies across the India.

Helped in reducing space utilization by 50%


  • Complete digitization for existing warehouse landscape which include 6 locations across India.
  • End to end process revamp for Internal, Inbound and Outbound flow in warehouse.
  • RF devices implementation. Complete elimination of paperwork. Operation automation such Inventory counting, stock consolidation.

Business Challenges

Existing space constraints in warehouse

Missing integration with EWM solution such as quality inspection

Redundant stock movement in warehouse resulting higher operation cost and time

Our Solutions

Bin design, capacity utilization, automated stock consolidation across the bin

End to end process optimization with QR code, Barcode, Label with RF devices implementation.

Optimum receiving for RMs and FGs with RF devices till put away.

Optimum picking of FGs for customer delivery and STOs with RF devices till goods issue.

Auto label printing based on process confirmation steps.

Key Results

0 %
Faster warehouse operation with minimum error. Resulting in lots of operation cost and time saving
0 %
Reduced Paper
0 %
Helped in reducing space utilization by 50%
0 %
Less supervisor intervention with more focus monitoring activity

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