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SAP Project System (SAP PS)

Implementation to effectively control capital spend and track projects mile-stones

Explore the transformative power of SAP PS in streamlining project execution, optimizing resources, and providing real-time insights in the chemical sector. Delve into how this implementation addresses industry-specific challenges, ensuring compliance and operational excellence.


A mid-sized chemical industry with over two decades of experience in producing specialty chemicals for various sectors, faced significant challenges due to outdated systems. These manual processes for inventory management, sales, and production introduced uncertainties into project status and costs, hindering effective decision-making and precise planning.

Business Challenges

Client was setting up a manufacturing plant and wanted visibility of milestones and spending. Client was not able to control costs overruns due to limited visibility of project status due to manual tracking.

Lack of visibility into project milestones and spend. Limited to no control over spend / costs due to manual tracking of project status

Our Solutions

To address these challenges, A5E Consulting delivered a transformative SAP Project System (PS) implementation at its finest ! Team re-imagined following aspects and covered as part of implementations:

Precise Planning

The SAP PS implementation allowed for the detailed planning of project activities.

Fund Allocation

Precise fund allocation to individual activities enhanced financial management.

Cost Control

It provided complete visibility into task completion, enabling better cost control.

Cost Overrun Elimination

The system successfully eliminated cost overruns, leading to cost savings.

Quality Assurance

The system enhanced control over the quality assurance of input materials used for projects.

Outcomes and Benefits

Precise Planning

A5e's implementation of SAP PS enabled precise planning by providing a comprehensive framework for defining project activities.

Fund Allocation

Precise fund allocation to individual activities enhanced financial management

Cost Control

A5E achieved cost control through complete visibility of task completion, eliminating uncertainties and enabling cost optimization.

Eliminate Cost Overruns

The new system successfully eliminated cost overruns, leading to valuable cost savings.

Quality Assurance

Enhanced quality assurance of input materials was achieved, ensuring high product standards.

Timely Project Completion

End-to-end project activities were completed more efficiently, ensuring timely project delivery.


A5E’s successful implementation of SAP PS allowed the organization to overcome its challenges and transition effectively. The enhanced project management capabilities, precise planning, cost control, and improved financial management ensured a seamless transition to a new phase while achieving greater efficiency, profitability, and compliance. This highlights how A5E leveraged modern technology to optimize its business operations, ultimately leading to sustained success in a competitive market.

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